Why your probate application may be rejected Part 2

When a probate application is submitted to a court clerk, they will review the documents to be filed. However, if there are issues with the application, it will be rejected and require fixing before resubmission. In order to open an estate for probate, the probate application must be submitted with all of the required documentation and supporting documents. However, if the probate application is rejected, there will be reasons behind the rejection which are important to know about. The reasons why a probate application include:

  • Documents are unsigned
  • No case number
  • Documents are incomplete
  • Attachments are missing
  • Creditors outweigh the assets

Although many may prefer to submit probate applications on their own, this may not always be a good idea as there may be several problems. By having an experienced probate attorney go over the application, there will be several issues avoided and a better chance of avoiding rejection.

Is a Probate Attorney Needed?

While a probate attorney is not necessary to submit a probate application, it does make the entire process easier if it is. This is especially true if there are issues coming up after each submission.

With probate law being full of potential liability, it is imperative that probate applications be submitted properly. This way all parties involved receive what they are due. When any party is excluded, there could be repercussions for the estate.

While tackling the process alone is possible, the need for legal guidance may eventually happen. When you recognize the need early, you will be able to save time. If you are unsure, you need to take a closer look at the way you are handling it.

You should always seek a probate attorney when the estate is sizable, what the estate includes, and the ratio of estate-debt.

With many estates not owing any estate tax, there may be times where an estate tax will need to be paid and will depend on which state the estate is located in.

Another reason is that many issues may come up that may be difficult to resolve among families. This will be especially true when the family members are not on good terms among each other.

Allow Us To Get Your Probate Application Accepted

With many years of experience in probate law, our law office will ensure that your probate application is accepted the first time. When you are worried about the probate process, get in touch with us today.

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