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The Brooklyn Law Office of Michael F. Kanzer & Associates specializes in asset protection for a wide variety of clients, whether they are doctors, lawyers, financial professionals or property owners.

Asset protection is becoming increasingly important due to the risk and liability associated with unprotected assets. One of the fundamental aspects of estate planning is protection of assets- both for you, and for the emotional and financial security of your family and loved ones following your passing.

You have worked your entire life to build your personal wealth, and you should not have to worry about sacrificing any of your assets due to unjust legal action. Don’t leave your property vulnerable to a lawsuit or zealous creditors.

Professionals who own their own business and those who own property are particularly at risk, some of the liabilities include malpractice, business disputes and injury incurred on property you own, among several other potentially risky situations.

At Michael F. Kanzer & Associates, we work with professionals, property owners and other clients to establish a proactive defense against the possible legal situations outlined above. In addition to preventing litigation, we also seek to guard your assets from fraud, judgments and liens. Our asset protection attorneys know you have built your business through hard work and dedication throughout your life, and will work tirelessly to prevent any and all legal implications that could arise. We create legally binding asset protection plans that may include business entities, trusts and other legal methods in order to safeguard your assets. Insurance may not cover all of the legal risks that exist for those who want to protect their life’s work, both throughout their life and upon their passing

With nearly two decades of legal experience specializing in estate planning, asset protection and other areas of law, the attorneys of Michael F. Kanzer & Associates have the experience and diligence it takes to steer you on the right course for a solid financial future.

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If you are a doctor, property owner or another individual who may potentially be deemed at-fault for a variety of legal situations, don’t hesitate to contact the Brooklyn office of Michael F. Kanzer & Associates. Together, we will determine your needs and use all of the legal methods at our disposal to protect your assets to ensure that you pass on your wealth and guard your assets from needless tax consequences, legal disputes and other dangers that those in certain professions face due to an increasingly litigious society.

Michael F. Kanzer and Staff has a wealth of experience in working out the most legally sound, proactive ways to protect our clients’ assets. Our plan of action varies depending on each particular client; we exhaustively work to achieve the best possible outcome in each client’s specific situation. If you work with us, you will receive unmatched personalized attention from our qualified attorneys.

We provide free consultations for prospective clients who would like more information about estate planning and asset protection basics, and a quick assessment of their unique situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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