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What to do if coinbase goes bankrupt

July 30, 2022

Owning a cryptocurrency can be a nice thing these days, especially if used to build wealth. However, when you have your crypto in an exchange, there is always a threat lurking around the corner. One threat in particular is bankruptcy. According to Coinbase, they have mentioned that if they end up going bankrupt, then it...  read more

Understanding Life Estate Deeds

July 17, 2022

When ownership of real property needs to be changed, it is conducted with a document known as a life estate deed. The property owner has the deed drawn up sand then signs it so that the property will pass onto the designated person following death. The designated individual for the property is known as the...  read more

5 Businesses Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy Since the Start of The Pandemic

June 30, 2022

Ever since the start of the pandemic, there have been an increasing number of businesses filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, many have been able to dig themselves out of bankruptcy to begin a new start. Below are 5 companies who have filed for bankruptcy since the pandemic began. J. Crew By the time summer...  read more

Deceased Famous Persons Who Had No Will When They Died

June 15, 2022

When a death occurs without a will established, any assets that were owned by you will become intestate. The probate court will then decide the heirs, which can become a long process. When no will exists it also does not guarantee any specific estate beneficiary. Plus, with no will, the inheriting family may end up...  read more

10 Sports Cars that Bankrupted The Manufacturer

May 24, 2022

It goes without saying that cash flow plays a huge role for an automaker. This is because the amount of money needs to be a substantial amount to get a car manufactured. Because of that, it is crucial to have a vehicle that will produce sales so that a profit can be obtained. However, sometimes...  read more

Managing Your Digital Estate Planning

May 15, 2022

With so much happening online today, it only makes sense that managing your digital estate should be included while estate planning. The bad part is that we do not have any idea of what transpires about the assets we have digitally once we cease to exist. This is why we need to be planning for...  read more

How Are Landlords Affected By Bankruptcy

April 29, 2022

When you file for bankruptcy while renting a home or apartment, it is an excellent way to stay in control of any debt you have. The reason is that the property you are renting is not your asset. This means the property itself is not at risk, and it is not a liability in the...  read more

When Should an Estate Planning Attorney Be Involved

April 15, 2022

There are many advantages when you have an attorney who specializes in estate planning. However, having one may not always be mandatory. Regardless, there are many situations where the need for an estate planning attorney would be beneficial so that their estate remains inclusive and its purpose is met. Below are a few circumstances when...  read more

Defaulting Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

March 29, 2022

Going through a financial change can happen to anybody, and as a debtor going through bankruptcy, it can be even more stressful. With Chapter 13, it´s important to have a payment plan that provides flexibility. Flexibility is what you get when you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy so that you can pay everything as agreed....  read more

Minimizing Your Costs For Estate Planning

March 15, 2022

Many times in life, when we forget the small details in an estate plan, it can cause huge losses for others. These losses can then turn into last-minute stress as changes and fixes need to be completed. Plus, if changes or corrections don´t happen, then your family may be out of more money than they...  read more