New York City Law Outlaws Job Applicant Credit Checks

Our credit scores are important for getting a new loan, credit card, or approval for a mortgage. But until recently, you may have needed a great credit score to get employment in Brooklyn, New York City.

With a recent law that has passed, employers cannot use your credit history against you during the hiring process. Because the city has determined that your past history paying off bills or debt should not influence how you perform on the job, they are not able to run a credit check against job applicants.

However, there are some exceptions to this law. Specific positions, such as being a police officer or jobs where you need special security clearances, would need to have a credit check. If you’re in charge of significant assets, including those over $10,000, you may also be subject to a credit check.

This law applies to companies with more than four employees and protects all kinds of employees, from interns to full-time workers. It protects both job applicants and current employees from facing discrimination because of their credit score or debt.


What This Means For You

Many people may fear filing for bankruptcy because of the after effects on their credit score. While these effects are important to consider, you do not need to fear it influencing our chances of getting or retaining employment.

If you choose to file for bankruptcy, your current employer cannot ask you questions about your bankruptcy, debt, or what charges you have in collections. If you do choose to disclose this information to your boss on your own terms, they cannot use this information against you to fire you, demote you, or withhold projects from you.

If you’re currently unemployed or you’re considering making a career change soon, new employers are also unable to ask you questions about your debt or credit history. If they do ask, this is not information you need to share and it cannot be used against you.

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