Kanzer Law COVID-19 Virus Updates

Please be advised that New York has temporarily suspended debt collection  only for money owed to the State . New Yorkers who owe money to the state, effective immediately, will no longer have to pay their student debt, medical debt, and other forms of state-referred debt, for at least 30 days because of the COVD-19 epidemic.


Countless New Yorkers have been impacted  directly or indirectly by the spread of COVID-19, forcing them to forgo income and business,” a press release from the Attorney General’s office stated. “In an effort to support these workers and families and ease their financial burdens, the OAG will halt the collection of medical and student debt owed to New York State.


This includes patients that owe medical debt to the five hospitals, and the five veterans’ homes, student debt owed by borrowers to the State University of New York, and other debtors.


The suspension also pauses accrual of interest and collection of fees on all outstanding New York State debt.


Unfortunately, this action by Governor Cuomo does not include debts owed to private parties or the federal government,  In fact, we have clients who owe judgments and private debt collectors are still trying to collect during this crisis.  In fact, the Nassau County Sheriff’s office is still attempting to garnish one of our client’s wages .


We want you to know that Michael F. Kanzer & Associates, Pc is still working and continuing to protect our client’s rights during this crisis.  Many of you have suffered loss of income and employment because of the pandemic, and we are available to discuss your options.


We have helped hundreds of New Yorkers protect their assets from creditors in the last 30 years.  We will evaluate your current situation and determine the right solution for you. We are experienced in bankruptcy, mortgage modifications, defense of foreclosures, defense of lawsuits and debt negotiation.


We are offering a free initial phone consultation, during the Coronavirus epidemic ED.  Please contact us at 718-769-200 or EMAIL us  at [email protected]. to discuss your options and solutions to your problems   We are here to help as always.

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