How inheritance can be a burden

A lot of study’s exist showing that when a significant amount of money is obtained through an inheritance can have consequences. In fact, many who receive inheritance are unable to show anything positive come from it. A lot of information can be found that states inheritance will be used up within five years due to carelessness and poor decisions on investments.

When there is a huge amount of mismanagement it could make the inheritance seem like more of a burden that it was intended for. In order to see how inheritance can be a burden, it is important to understand what the intention of the inheritance is. Also, the possible burdens of inheritance must also be addressed.

A Burden of Cost

You must determine if too much time and money will be spent on receiving the inheritance. This may include having a significant amount of maintenance needed on a home or land that is inherited or if the taxes are too high to keep up with.

Emotional Strain

Another burden to be aware of is the emotional strain that an inheritance could cause among family as well as if bad behavior stems from it. When a family member is unable to develop financial health, the inheritance can easily create more burdensome problems and avoid current issues.

In order for the inheritance to be put to good use, the intentions must be known. The amount being left should be decided and determined if it needs to help create financial independence or to be used in a certain way.

Determine if a Burden Develops

By speaking to heirs of the inheritance, you can set expectations concerning the inheritance. Regardless of how you feel about the money being spent, it is important to know how they feel about receiving their bequest. Determine if receiving a vacation home would be a burden to them or if they would prefer specific items that would be less burdensome. Ensure that all options are weighed and don’t just consider what the heir would want.

When an inheritance is left, it could become very beneficial, but could also be more of a burden depending on the circumstances. Each circumstance is unique so it is important to know if the bequests are going to help. This can be done by ensuring a healthy relationship with your finances. When your financial relationship is healthy you’ll be able to leave an inheritance that is not a burden.


While inheritance can be a good thing for many, it can also become a burden for many others. When you know what to look for, you will easily know how inheritance can be a burden. When you are in a situation where you believe inheritance would be a burden, get in touch today for some sound advice.

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