Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, 6:45 pm

When you’re filing for bankruptcy, the thought of needing to pay for a lawyer can seem impossible and overwhelming. When you’re already unable to manage or control your debt, hiring a professional to help you through the bankruptcy process may not seem like an option. But can you really file for bankruptcy without an attorney’s help?


Can You File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?


Technically, you are able to file bankruptcy without an attorney’s representation. When you do this, you’re appearing “pro se” in bankruptcy court, which essentially means you do not have an attorney working with you.


Some individuals try to use a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer to help them through the bankruptcy process instead of using a bankruptcy attorney. Unfortunately, the Bankruptcy Petition Preparer does very little to actually help you. While they can type up your forms, they don’t actually assist you in making decisions or filling out the forms.


But while it is possible to file bankruptcy without a lawyer’s help, it isn’t recommended. Going through the bankruptcy process without an attorney can present you with many different struggles and complications that may hurt your case. The benefits that an attorney can bring you will dramatically outweigh any costs associated with hiring representation.


Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney


Your bankruptcy attorney is the only person able to give you advice on your case. If you choose to file without the help of a lawyer, the clerk’s office is unable to give you legal advice or help you through the process. This includes everything from helping you determine which kind of bankruptcy you should file for to explaining the final verdict of your case.


This means unless you’re an expert in the bankruptcy field, you’ll want an attorney working alongside you to help you make decisions and understand the details of your case. Your attorney can also help you follow the laws, comply with regulations, and meet your expectations.


Filing for bankruptcy is something you need to take seriously, so using an attorney is always advised. If you’re looking for assistance filing for bankruptcy or you have questions about the bankruptcy process, contact the Michael F. Kanzer & Associates office in Brooklyn.

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